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Dear buyers, we ready answer you on any questions what you have.We are grateful for the interest to our kittens.
Please, when You send request, tell us your preference (color, male or female, for breeding or as pet) You need know that for breeding and as PET it`s not the same kittens and prices will be different. If kitten reserved as PET, buyer guarantees that kitten will be spayed/neutered  until age 1 year.
About process. When kittens will be born, potential buyers will receive notification according to the waiting list. When kitten will be selected, he will be under your option (we are take deposit when kitten will be one month). After two months age will be send contract with all information about kitten and full information about breeder`s health guarantee. We ask deposit 30%. After age 12 weeks kitten ready to move in new home. At this moment kitten will receive two complex shots and one rabies vacination.
Here You can find our contract with breeders information.
We will help You with the delivery of kittens in your region.
All shipping costs in other cities and countries shall be covered by the buyer!
Contacts: Svitlana Terentieva, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
e-mail: felisscoon@
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