Here you can find information about our breeding cats who are part of Felissimo family.
Breeding maine coon cats with a balanced temperament and in excellent type, is in the first place of our goals. All our breeding cats tested on genetic diseases and negative for HCM, SMA, PKDeF.
Our cats grow in love and care, in full contact with our children, receive a quality, balanced nutrition and timely veterinary care. All live with us in same house and do not have access to free range.
To learn more about our maine coon cats  and their achievements, see photos our graduates in new families and about actual available maine coon kittens at this moment in cattery UA * Felissimo you can see in the relevant sections of the website.
You can choose a kitten in the section Kittens (if we will have available). Or fill in "Kitten application" here (after kitten`s age 2 months information changes very fast and can be not actual , please, contact us in personal message or email) Our cattery sells maine coon kittens for  breeding and for petlovers (absolutely all our kittens go to their new homes at the signing of the contract of sale). In our cattery You can choose a pair for breeding or we will help find it in friendly catteries. Many our graduates live in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Quatar, Amman, Hong Kong.
With all this moving to USA with our cats we receive great experience with organize delivery from Ukraine to USA. We also have great breeders which still stay in Ukraine and have amazing maine coon kittens for sale. We can help organize all process. All what You need - choose a kitten and pick up it in Gettysburg, PA.
If you are interested in maine coon  kitten  from Ukraine You can look here  Ukrainian kittens and  contact us any convenient way. You can send request in Facebook  , Instagram, or by email  Viber, WatsApp or Telegram.  We will advise you about the content, care and feeding maine coon kittens, as well as being the answer to all your questions. And do not forget, with similar habits specific to cats of this breed, each kitten is unique in character!
We will be very glad if you share our love for this sweet giants and gain other for years
Welcome to the pages of monobreed cattery UA * FELISSIMO!
We are specializes in the Maine Coon breed from 2013.
     Our cattery was registered in the international system FIFe and located in Ukraine until autumn 2022. Due to the war in our beloved and native country, we were forced to leave our home and move to the USA. We express our sincere gratitude to our long time friend Roseann Deluca "Cold Creek maine coon cattery" and "Cold Creek Dog Training" for support our family and our cats during all this time and opened the door of her house for all our big  family!!! Big thank You to all who also helped us with adaptation here!
Our cattery located in Gettysburg, PA at this moment. We are registered in TICA and CFA. 
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Contacts: Svitlana Terentieva, Gettysburg, PA
e-mail: felisscoon@